Matfest Bergen

Bergen, Norway
Late Summer (Aug/Sept)
Great For

• Foodies
• Families

Yes (60 Norwegian Krone)


For a few days in summer, Bergen brings you Norway’s biggest local food festival. It’s fun for the family, with enriching activities for all ages.

Younger ones can learn about farming and fishing in Norway by riding in a mini tractor to the petting zoo and ice box of fish. Fully-grown foodies can watch and learn how master chefs prepare local delicacies.

Attendees can feast their senses on Norway’s food competition, and a buffet of samples including cod, cheese, and cider, and local salt (which was amazing). You’ll be stuffed from samples, so buy whatever you can’t fit into your belly.

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  • International travelers will likely fly into one of Oslo’s 3 airports or Bergen Airport Flesland (19km South of the city)
  • After arriving at the airport, the light-rail is recommended. It takes about 45 mins, is 37 NOK one way, and you buy your tickets at rail station kiosk.     
  • Search for flights below.

  • Bergen is a regular stop for cruise liners sailing through Norway, one of the most expensive countries in the world. Cruising is not only cost-effective but also rewarding. It’s the best way to see the breathtaking fjords and gorgeous waterfalls that typify Norway’s landscape.
  • Although cruise stops are brief, we found that our itinerary provided sufficient time for independent exploration.
  • Additional tip: Consider booking shore excursions independently of cruise liners to save costs. 

Norway is an excellent country for road trips, despite high fuel and rental costs. Car rental is cheaper when booked through.


Official Website
For the latest dates and times, visit the event’s official website: https://matfest.no
Food in Norway is high quality but notoriously expensive
Nearby Museum
Hungry for knowledge? Visit the nearby Norwegian Fisheries Museum if you have extra time
Tickets can either be booked online or purchased upon arrival
Local Markets
Can’t make the event? Visit one of Norway’s many local markets to experience great, local food!

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