10 Tips for Eventful Travel

10 Tips for Eventful Travel

Man jousting on horse with fire
Medeltidsveckan (Gotland, Sweden)

Many friends and family often say to us:

“You are so lucky!”

“There’s no way I could ever travel as much as you do! How do you find the time/money to travel and attend so many events?”

While we are blessed to have particularly flexible and vacation-friendly careers, it wasn’t always that way! We’ve picked up a few tips along the way that have helped allow us to make eventful travel possible:

#10 – Make travel planning a hobby

Giong Festival (Hanoi, Vietnam)

What’s more fun than daydreaming about your dream trip?

When you’re taking a coffee break, why not think about that amazing Pingxi lantern festival you’ve always wanted to see? That way, when it’s time to book the trip, you’ll have a leg up and will be ready to make it happen!

Ready for inspiration? Our Instagram and YouTube channels are a great place to start!

#9 – Consider local events too!

Not every eventful journey has to be to the far side of the globe! It’s easy to overlook the amazing events in our hometown or a short trip away; consider a day-trip or weekend trip to ensure you get the best of your own backyard!

#8 Choose events that suit your style

Do you consider yourself a foodie? A culture vulture? History buff?

Find events that spark joy in your life and keep you craving more!

Through our site, you can find events to suit whatever travel style you’re in the mood for.

#7 Be flexible with your plans

The more flexible you are with dates, destinations and budget, the more likely you’re able to enjoy an event whilst travelling.

#6 Be a volunteer

Whether or not you’re on a budget, volunteering at an event will provide you backstage access in addition to free entry and other possible perks such as free accommodation, transport and food.

In addition to volunteering for the event you’re attending, you can consider volunteering in exchange for accommodation, and possibly also food and an allowance. We’ve done HelpX and had a great experience tending to horses, birds and children.

#5 Don’t overlook smaller events!

One-off local events can be great opportunities to go off-the-beaten-track and enjoy a unique experience!

#4 – Just book it!

Procrastination goes both ways — it’s too easy to talk about a dream trip and never make it happen. Just book it! Commit yourself by buying a flight or booking a hotel room – sometimes getting the first piece in place is all you need to follow through; you’ll be glad you did!

#3 – Use cancellation policies to your favor

Military Tattoo (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Did you know many flights are 100% refundable within the first 24 hours after payment? Or that a lot of hotels and BNBs are eligible for a free cancellation for weeks or even months after booking?

Hotels and airlines never hesitate to use the fine print against you – now it’s time to turn the tables! If you see an amazing deal that’s refundable, book it now! Ask questions later!

This is especially valuable for major events, where prices only rise dramatically as the event gets closer. Book a refundable room early, even if you aren’t sure you can make it, and avoid paying those astronomical last-minute rates.

But don’t forget to set a reminder to make sure you don’t end up with reservation you no longer want!

#2 – Travel for free/cheap via social networking

Everyone loves fancy hotels and first class service, but few budgets allow year-round luxury travel. Check out networks like Couchsurfing (to host and be hosted) and Bla Bla Car (carpooling), which create sharing communities that reduce costs.The best part, you can often make friends through these and enjoy a more local experience.

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#1 – Cash in those credit card miles

Those credit card miles only lose value over time –cash them in and go to that event you’ve always dreamed of!

If you’re hurting for miles, then find a credit card with a great signup bonus.

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